One For my Sister

There are very few people in this world to whom I am actually attached to, and by that I mean whom I love more than myself. Obviously one is Jesus Christ. Next my parents, but this story isn’t about them. It is about the one person who I would literally take a bullet for.

Just a Little Backstory

According to my mother some 8-9 years after she had her 7th child she felt like there was someone missing from her family. She would knee down to family prayer and that feeling would hit her every time, but she pushed it away. She had 7 kids already and was in her 40s. She said, that one day her oldest daughter echoed the same sentiments that someone was missing. So voila I was born.

Me and my little sister. I am the one in the back. She is rocking shades in the front.

It did not take my parents long to realize that I would never be able to function alone in the world, so they decided to bless me with a younger sister. What a blessing? I was almost the youngest child. Almost the most loved and adored in the family, but alas, I cannot express enough gratitude to my parents for realizing that I needed someone to teach me how to appear somewhat normal.

Throughout the years my little sister has been my rock, my strength, and one of my greatest struggles (she threw a remote at my face once-I still have the scar). We grew up sharing a room and many life experiences. There were many times when she was my only friend. Additionally, I attribute all of my people skills to her. She has been there through everything, good and bad, and I have no clue what I would do without her.

I have been a classic big sister when it comes to her. I am practically the youngest child in my family, but being “big” sister has always been very important to me. I always tried to live in a way that I was a good example to her. I hoped to protecter her from the evils of the worlds, and to help her always be stronger than me. The truth is that she never needed my help doing that.

So about a month ago my baby girl got married. Basically she left me for someone else. She moved on, just leaving me behind.

For a long time that is how I felt about her relationship with her then boyfriend, now husband. I was hurt by how easy it was for her to leave me behind; never even considering how hard it was for me to loose my best friend. I knew that this was a dangerous relationship, and if I had not moved out of state I don’t know how things would have turned out, but thankfully I did move. Missing her became easier. Loving her became easier. Understanding her became easier.

When I traveled back for her wedding everything was different. It was not about me, but about her and family. I am soooo amazingly happy for my sister and her new husband. The day of her wedding was amazing. I loved it, and I HATE weddings. I am so excited for her new life and the adventures that await.

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