Choosing to Become a Developer when I hate Coding

I have said many a time that I hate coding. This leads to the question- why on earth am I pursuing a career in development?

Story time

In Oklahoma, where I went to high school, we didn’t take many field trips, but in 10th grade the entire sophomore class went to the local vocational school to check out possible “alternative” educational paths. We were required to visit 9 classes and get information and a whole bunch of stuff. None of the classes I visited seemed interesting, but as I was leaving I grabbed a flyer for computer programming.

Who knows what it said, nor why I thought it would be  a good idea, but I signed up for the class. And, I hated it. I really just HATED

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everyday I was there. I didn’t hate the programming, not did I hate Java, and there were a lot of people way more skilled than I, and even more people who finished the class without knowing how to define a variable.

This computer programming program was supposed to be two year with year one in Java and year two being in C# and C++. I quit the program after one year by finishing all of my Java coursework and completing a final project which was an MP3 player/chat room (because that is what everyone needs).

Over the years

Well, I an say that my horrible experience in my first programming class scared me for a long time. I was in love with physics so I decided to focus all of my time and attention for physics, and optics, and research. I eliminated hobbies. I just wanted to be a physicist.

Needless to say, I didn’t ignore coding altogether. I works for several months as a QA specialist with development tasks. I took logic classes. I had quite a bit of practice with mathematical languages for Data Analysis, but I did make this website as a portfolio site (still working on that).

So why go into programming?

First, I don’t think like a physicist. I don’t want to search for an answer. I am horrible at looking for things. I want to plug things in and see me result. Physicist spend their lives looking for what’s new, trying to discover and understand the obscure. I prefer to manipulate the resources given to me.

Second, I speak logic. Programming languages are really just applied math. Not the the accounting style math, more annalytical. A cross between proofs and algebra. Guess, what? That is already how my brain works. I have used enough coding languages that although I may use the correct lingo all the time, it is just a question of learning syntax and libraries.

Third, because it is relevant. I love technology and progression. I always have. Development is constantly growing and progressing as life becomes more centered on technology. I would love to be in the thick of that. I would love to be able to directly influence progress.

I may hate coding, but who wouldn’t hate staring at lines of Latin characters on a computer all day.  All developers will tell you that looking for the missing semicolon sucks. I want to create. I want to make a difference. I want to do something that fulfills me. Seeing the end result of a developed project does that. It is amazing when I create something that works. Now, I am just following a career path that will let me do that always.

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