November 2018 Update

I haven’t been putting off writing a blog post per say… More I have been really struggling on coming up with a good topic. Life is going really well, and I am trying to steer myself in a certain professional direction. This direction makes me feel obligated to post more technical things, but I know that my current audience is not technical. I guess that means that I will just keep going the way I have going starting with just a simple life update.

Life has been treating Maxi and I very well. We are our own special sort of family living together in Vineyard Utah. My mom thinks that it is kind of a cop-out to consider Maxi and my baby, but what does she know, she only had like 75 kids. I am a proud Dog Mom! I take care of my little puppers and he takes care of me, and is absolutely adorable. I never knew I was such a dog lover.

Work is going really well! I love my job! I love my place of work! Nav, a FinTech startup in Utah, has really given me a lot of opportunity to learn and grow. About two months ago I moved from a Software Engineering team to a Data Science team. For my non-technical readers, this means that instead on building out software services that perform data ingress tasks, I will be using math, statistics, algorithms and fancy machine learning models to learn and extract business value from data. I have taken a head first dive into this field trying to learn and read as much as possible to advance my skills and be a real contribution to the company.

I am also working on giving back to the Utah tech community. Back in September I started the Utah Chapter of the Women Who Go  organization. I have been organizing local MeetUps to help women and new developers gain the skills needed to start careers in software. I have also given talks at the Utah Go Users Group as well as at BYU.

Well, Maxi is begging to go to bed to I guess that ends the update! Until next time!

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