Pete the Programmer

That title has good alliteration huh? Now that I have added my little quip we can continue onto the good stuff.

Past Experience

I started coding when I was 16. I was enrolled in an intense Java programming course. Since then life’s path has allowed me to experience/babble in several different languages and environments. I have extensively used Mathematica, Mathlab, Jira, Git, Go and dabbled in C++, WordPress, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScrip just to name a few.

During my college years, I worked as a QA analyst for the Department of Continuing Education at Brigham Young University. Additionally, I wrote and utilized code in my optics research. This code interfaced with measurement tools to record data. I also wrote programs to analyze the data gathered in the research.

I was awarded the Grow with Google Developer Challenge Scholarship for Front-End Development. In this program I learned HTML, CSS, Javacript and other general coding skills.

Current Ventures

Currently I am working at a fintech start-up named Nav. I have been at Nav since February I have worked as a Data Engineer and a Data Scientist. This included setting up complex systems for ETL and data migration. Additionally,  using machine learning models to understand credit data. I primarily work in Go and Python.

I run the Women Who Go Utah meetup. I have a passion for helping people gain the skills needed to move forward in their careers. Nav has given me an amazing opportunity to grow as an engineer. Most people don’t end up working for companies like mine. I just want to give back what I can to the community.

Hopes and Dreams

I plan on pursuing a Masters Computer Science and I want to emphasize in Machine Learning. Data is amazing and I love it. I want to continue teaching at every chance I get through meetups and mentoring, but professionally I plan to become a principal engineer making contributions to languages and architecture.

Examples of my code can be found at the link below: