Soy Pete

My name is Miriah Peterson. I may not be the most interesting person, but I do have my own website, and that is what is really important.

A little about me

I am a 24 year old millennial. I don’t really care about being a millennial, but I will own it. I am the 8th of 9 children and there is a huge spread of age among my siblings (40-20) which has given me a unique childhood and growing up experience and has really shaped who I am today.


I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am very devoted to my faith and it has given me a lot of strength in times of trial and hardship. From April 2013-October 2014 I server a mission for my church in Montevideo, Uruguay. This was a great growing period of my life. It helped me come closer to God and find out who I am as a person.

If I were to make a dating profile things I would include for “compatibility”:

  • I love Latin Dancing and that is kind of a deal breaker.
  • I love going to the movies but will not pay for myself.
  • I am the most uncoordinated person you’ll ever meet, but I do lift bro.
  • Physics is my life, it is my thing, it is what I do.
  • My take-out go-to will always be street tacos or chik-fil-a.
  • I have a life goal to speak Spanish like it was my first language.

I am not a blogger, but in my efforts to build a website for the purpose of promoting my non-existent coding career I accidentally set up a blog. I could change it, re-work the site, but that is honestly too much. So now I have this blog, and I guess if I post things to my self-titled website I am in fact a blogger. I try to use this website to express myself, how I am feeling, what I am going through, and how I overcome life’s struggles. I hope you enjoy.